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Guaranteed Internship

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  • Learn from our structured pre recorded courses made by experts to meet industry needs
  • 1:1 live doubt solving support available throughout the day to clear your doubts instantly
  • Personal mentors to guide and help you throughout your journey as a friend
  • Build major projects which makes your resume stand apart
  • Get guaranteed paid internships after completion of the program along with course completion certificates
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a UI/UX Designer


In this course you will learn all the concepts of UI/UX in depth from basics to advanced level.




Introduction to sketching

The sketching process

Sketching user flows

Sketching user flows 2

Sketching user flows 3

Sketching user flows 4

Sketching tips

How to stay inspired

How to find inspiration


figma dashboard

figma tools

layers and pages

the top bar

design properties

prototyping in figma

Exercise creating a responsive layout

The Do's and Dont's

Speedup workflow with components

Creating own user flows.

Creating own user flows 2

Creating own userflows 3

Creating a basic sitemap

Before you start

Creating a sitemap 1

Creating a sitemap 2

Before getting started with wireframes

What is a wireframe

How to create wireframes

Wireframes in figma

Creating our homepage

Creating product page

Creating the Cart page

Prototyping basics in figma

Prototyping basics in figma 2

Prototyping basics in figma 3

Prototyping basics in figma 4

Linking a quick user flow

Working on small interactions

Why is feedback important and how to work on them


Grid Basics

Responsive Grids and Breakpoints

Creating own grid in figma

Grid Guidelines


Sans Serif

Display and mono

choosing a typeface

Creating our own type system

Color schemes

Impotant questions to ask

Creating Color Palletes

Creating a monochromatic color pallete

Applying our Color pallete

Expanding a strict color pallete

Creating our own colour pallete

What are forms and UI elements

Best practices for forms

Best practices for inputs

Best practices for inputs_2

Best practices for inputs_3

Best practices for inputs_4

Best practices for buttons

Cretaing components in figma

Using Atomic elements

Using instances in figma

Editing instances

Responsive components

Creating a registration form

Visual Assets introduction

Photos in Figma

Photos in figma 2

Working with developers

Figma plugins and icons

custom icons

Visual patterns for accessibilty

Tools to make design accessible

Visual patterns for accessibilty

What are design patterns

Why are design patterns so valuable

How to apply design patterns

Analyzing design atterens

Analyzing,Dissecting and choosing design patterns

Mobile design best practices

best practice part 2

Design fidelity

Style Exploartion

Style Exploration 2

Style Exploration 3

Style exploration 4

Importance of motion

The purpose of motion

Intro to smart animate

The power of smart animate

What is a microinteraction

Why are microinteractions important

Creating our own microinteraction

Creating our own microinteraction part2


Using Figmotion 2

Components Cards

Vertical Cards

Recipes Search

Recipes Order List

Using our design system

Using our design system system 2 part 1

Using our design system 2 part 2

Using our design systems 3

Final prototypes

Final prototypes 2

Final prototypes 3

Final prototypes 4

Where to host your web portfolio

How to place and export designs

Initial setup figma handoff

Build UI_Adding image assets

Build UI_Styling Image Assets

Build your first website

Developer fundamentals


HTML Tags2

Self closing tags

Anchor tag


Relative vs absolute path

Html forms

Html forms 2

Submitting a form

HTML tags3


Copy a website


Your first css part 2

part 3

part 2 selectors

CSS properties

Selectors in css

Text and font

Images in CSS

Box model

px vs em vs rem

Critical render path



Respinsive UI

Bootsrap Introduction


Boostrap Grid

Exercise: Building our startup landing page part 1+part2

Exercise: Startup landing page part3

Exercise: Startup landing page part 4

Exercise: Startup landing page part 5

Adding email subscribe form with mailchimp

Developer fundamentals

Workinfg with templates


Grid vs Flexbox Vs Bootstrap

CSS Grid1

CSS Grid2

CSS Grid3

CSS Grid4

CSS Grid5

Solution_Navigation bar

Solution_Navigation bar 2

Solution Cover

Project grid+footer

Solution prettify



Photoshop is a main tool for digital design, so we will teach you Photoshop so that you can create designs and graphics needed for your UI/UX. It is a skill which every company demands from an UI/UX designer.



Introduction to the Course

Understand the Photoshop Interface

Customize your Workspace and Panels

Create a new Photoshop File

Place photos and graphics in your project

Moving & Zooming Around a Project

Use Artboards in Your Photoshop Workflow

The Layers Panel

Aligning Layers in Photoshop

Organizing the Layers Panel

Linking Layers

Adding Layer Styles and Adjustments

Using Layer Masks

Project: Photo Compositing Basics(Resizing and Placing Layers)

Project Solution: Photo Compositing Basics(Resizing and Placing Layers)

Intro to the Selection Tools

The Magic Wand and Object Selection Tools

Improving Edge Selections with the Refine Edge Tools

Selecting a Specific Color

Easily Remove Objects from a Photo with Content Aware Fill

Project: Abstract Art Graphic

Project Solution: Abstract Art Graphic

Intro to Editing Photos in Photoshop

Adjusting Exposure

Adjusting Colors and Making Your Photos Pop

Cropping and Adjusting Photo Aspect Ratio

Basic Dodging and Burning

A Note About Editing RAW Images

Intro to the Wonderful World of Shapes in Photoshop

Creating Custom Shapes with the Pen and Curvature Tools

Project: Create a Social Media Graphic

Project Solution: Create a Social Media Graphic

Adding Text to Your Projects

Warping Text

Making Text Follow a Line or Shape

Project: Design a Poster with Just Text

Project Solution: Design a Poster with Just Text

How to Add a Line (Stroke) Around Your Layers

Adding Glow to Your Layers

Adding Level and Emboss to Your Layers

More Layer Styles

Introduction to Blend Modes

Easily Remove a Black or White Background with Blend Modes

How to create space inside a juice glass

Creating a camera flare with blend modes

Project: Design a Modern Graphic with Blend Modes

Project Solution: Design a Modern Graphic with Blend Modes

The Filter Gallery

Adjusting the Strength of a Filter

Intro to Retouching and How to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop

Smoothing Skin

Removing Bags Under the Eye

Professional Dodging and Burning to Enhance a Portrait

Enhancing Eye Color

Enhancing The Eyes

Using the Powerful Liquify Tool

Intro to Editing with Camera RAW

Cropping Photos in Camera RAW

White Balance Adjustments

Proper Photo Editing Workflow

Exposure and Brightness Adjustments

Color and Saturation Adjustments

Sharpening and Noise Reduction

Tone Curve Adjustments

Effects like Vignettes, Grain, and Dehaze

Saving Photos from Camera RAW

HSL and Grayscale Adjustments

Lens Corrections

Spot Removal and Blemish Removal

Targeted Adjustments

Straighten and Transform Tools

Graduated, Radial and Brush Filters

Range Masks

A Full Landscape Edit

A Full Portrait Edit

Editing Together an HDR Photo

Speed Up Your Workflow with the Adobe Library

How to Save Your Photoshop Project and Export It For Any Purpose

Quickly Save JPEGs from Photoshop

Exporting Projects Using Artboards

Intro to These Additional Project Demonstrations

Project: Fantasy Walk

Project: Badge Logo

Project: Mystical Cat

Project: Infographic

Thank You Video

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is required to create vectors for your design. We will teach you Illustrator so that you can build elements in your design fluently. If you learn it well, you’ll become gurus of design. Sky is the limit.



Why learn Illustrator?

Illustrator Documents


Updated Artboards


Working with Vectors

User Interface

Properties panel


Basic Shapes


Combining Shapes

Selection Techniques

Organising Objects

Aligning and Distributing Objects

Working Precisely


Stroke settings



Appearance panel



Basic Drawing Tools

Drawing Exercise Part 1

Drawing Exercise Part 2


Drawing assistance tools

Draw Inside

Pen Tool

Pen Tool exercise

Pen Tool alternatives

Curvature Tool

Distort and Transform tools

Symmetrical drawing

Concentric drawing techniques

Manual tracing exercise

Calligraphic Brushes

Scatter Brushes

Art Brushes

Bristle Brushes

Pattern Brushes

Image Brushes

Working with Images

Preparing simple images for tracing

Preparing complex images for tracing

Image Trace

Improving and Colouring traced images

Character formatting

Paragraph formatting

Using Text styles


Variable and SVG FontsIllustrator

Touch Type

Type on a Path

Type and Shapes

Warp Text

3D Type

Create Outlines from Text

Image within Text

Text Wrap

Type Exercise

Introduction to Masking

Clipping Mask

Opacity Mask

Masking exercise

Recolor Artwork

Live Paint Bucket

Envelope Distort

Puppet Warp

Clipping Mask


Symbol Tools


Blending Objects

Creating Patterns

Refining Pattern Design

Gradient Mesh

Perspective Drawing

Saving work for Print

Saving work for Web

Export for Screens

Integration with Bridge

CC Libraries

Archiving Projects

Map vector Project

Logo Project




Introduction to the Course

What is Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming Competitions

Websites for Competitive Programming

Terminologies in Competitive Programming

Choosing a Programming Language

Taking Input & Output in Competitive Programming Contests

Cout vs Printf

Endl vs Back n

Fast cin cout Methods _ Conclusion

Time Complexity in Competitive Programming

Calculating Time Complexity of Code

Importance of English in Competitive Programming

Introduction to STL in C++

Standard Array

Standard Vector

Standard Set

Standard Multiset

Standard Map

Standard Multimap

Standard Pair

Standard Forward List

Standard List

Standard Unordered Set

Standard Unordered Multiset

Unordered Map and Unordered Multimap

Standard Stack

Standard Queue

Standard Priority Queue

Standard Deque

Importance of Bit Manipulation Techniques

Basic Binary Operations

Bit Operations in C++

Check ith bit is SET or NOT SET

Toggle ith bit

Check odd or even using bits

Check if Number is Power of 2

Need for Modulo 10^9 + 7

Modulo Arithmetic

[A3.1] Problem XOR ORED

[A3.2] Solution - XOR-ORED

[A3.3] Solution with Code - XOR-ORED

Introduction to Graphs

Weights in Graphs

Why Study Graphs

Edge List

Adjacenty Matrix

Adjacenty List

DFS Traversal

Implementing DFS Traversal

BFS Traversal

Implementing BFS Traversal

Minimum Spanning Tree

Concept of Kruskal_s Algorithm

Concept of Prim_s Algorithm

Concept of Dijkstra Algorithm

[A4.1] Problem - CHFPLN

[A4.2] Solution - CHFPLN

[A4.3] Solution with Code - CHFPLN

Sum of Updated Range Problem

Solving Sum of Range Problem with Segment Trees

Segment Trees - Update Queries

Segment Trees - Calculate Sum

Implementing Segment Tree - Part 1

Implementing Segment Tree - Part 2

Problem - Range Minimum Query

Implementing Range Minimum Query

Implementing Segment Tree - Tricks

Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 1

Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 2

Implementing Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 1

Implementing Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 2

Problem - Xenia and Bit Operations

Solution - Xenia and Bit Operations

Solution with Code - Xenia and Bit Operations

Problem - Circular RMQ

Solution with Code - Circular RMQ - Part 1

Solution with Code - Circular RMQ - Part 2

Introduction to Backtracking

N Queens Problem Explained

N Queens Solved

Knights Tour Problem Explained

Knight's Tour Solved

Rat in Maze Problem Explained

Rat in Maze Solved

Problem Richie Rich

Solving Richie Rich

Problem False Number

Solving False Number

Introduction to Greedy Algorithms

Understanding Greedy with Fractional Knapsack Problem

Solving Fractional Knapsack Problem

Tasks and Deadlines Problem

Solving Tasks and Deadlines Problem

Optimal File Merging Problem

Solving Optimal File Merge Patterns Problem

Huffman Coding

[A7.1] Problem - Dragons

[A7.2] Solution with Code - Dragons

[A7.3] Problem - Little Elephant and Bits

[A7.4] Solution with Code - Little Elephant and Bits

Introduction to Dynamic Programming

Top down vs Bottom Up

Fibbonacci Problem Top Down

Implementing Fibonnaci with DP

2D Grid Traversal Problem

Implementing 2D Grid Traversal Problem

Understanding Memoization

Fibbonacci with Tabulation

Implementing Fibbonacci with Tabulation

2D Grid Traversal Problem with Tabulation

Implementing 2D Grid Traversal Problem with Tabulation

Understanding Tabulation

[A8.1] Problem - Subset Sum Problem

[A8.2] Solving - Subset Sum Problem

Binary Lifting (Kth Ancestor of a Tree Node)

LCA (Lowest Common Ancestor) Problem

Fenwick Trees - Introduction

Fenwick Trees - Sum of Range (Range Find Query)

Fenwick Trees - Update (Point Update Query)

Problem - Distance between nodes in Trees

Solution - Distance between nodes in Trees

Implementing Fenwick Trees

Implementing Binary Uplifting

Implementing LCA

Solution with Code - Distance between nodes in Trees

Case Studies

We will provide you with case studies to brainstorm on UX.

Resume Building

We will help you to make the best resume you can.

Guaranteed Internship

Get guranteed one month internship with minimum stipend of ₹5ooo/month on completing the course along with all the assigmnets & projects

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