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Full Stack Developer


We will teach C++ to build your fundamentals and strong foundation in programming. It is the best language to start with coding.




Setting up Visual Studio Code

Introduction & Skeleton

Input/output, Variables & Data types

Arithmetic Operators & Precedence

Compound Operators, Expressions & Comments

Conditionals, If Else & Switch Case

Assignment 1

Loops - While loops

Loops - DoWhile & For loops



Assignment 2

Strings using Char Array

Strings using string Class

Assignment 3

Functions in C++ [1]

Functions in C++ [2]

Assignment 4

Structures in C++

OOPs Basics

Class & Objects

Assignment 5

Constructors & Fn Overloading

Class Functions

Operator Overloading

Assignment 6

Inheritance - Introduction

Inheritance - Access Specifiers

Inheritance & Constructors

Types of Inheritance

Inheritance - Pointers & Fn Overriding

Assignment 7

Virtual Fns & Runtime Polymorphism

Abstract Classes & Interface

Friend Fn & Classes

Static Data Members

Static Fns

Nested or Inner Classes

Destructors in C++

Assignment 8

Exception Handling - Introduction

Exception Handling - Syntax & Use

Exception Handling - Nested try, Multiple Catch

Assignment 9

Streams - Introduction

Streams - Syntax (Using in programs)

Assignment 10

Template Fns & Classes

STL - Why do we need STL?

STL - Introduction

STL - Using in Programs

Assignment 11

MERN Stack

MERN stack is the best stack and very high in demand among employers and big companies. We will be learning this extensively and build high end projects.



Introduction to the course

How internet works

What is web development

Your first webpage

The structure of a Webpage

Creating a full webpage

Header tags

Paragraph tags

Formatting tags

Unordered list

Ordered list

Image tags

Forms in HTML



HTML entities


PROJECT- Putting it all together

What is CSS

Inline CSS

Internal CSS

Class and id








Font style

Styling text

Aligning text

Styling links

FlexBox in CSS

Inline javascript

Internal javascript

Accessing elements

Onclick event

Changing Website content

Manupulating styles with javascript

Disappearing circles



If statement

Random number guessing game

For loop

While loop

PROJECT-Reaction tester project

External javascript

DOM intro

Naming conventions

String concat

Length property in strings


Changing Case of string

Operators in js



How to add event listener in js

What is jQuery

Including jQuery on our webpage

Detecting a click

Changing website content using jQuery

Changing website styles

Fading content

Regular expression

PROJECT-Form Validation

Intro to jquery Ui Plugin


Jqui widget

Intro to Bootstrap

Your first bootstrap site


Card in bootstrap

Tables and Form

Modals,popover and tooltips


PROJECT-App landing project

Themes in bootstrap

Setting up the folder structure

Responsive grid system

Header section - Part-1

Header section - Part-2

Header section - Part-3

Feature section - Part-1

Feature section - Part-2

Creating Favorite meal section - Part-1

Creating Favorite meal section - Part-2

Creating how it works section - Part-1

Creating how it works section - Part-2

Creating the city section - Part-1

Creating the city section - Part-2

Creating Customer testimonial section - Part-1

Creating Customer testimonial section - Part-2

Creating Sign up section - Part-1

Creating Sign up section - Part-2

Creating the contact form section - Part-1

Creating the contact form section - Part-2

Creating the footer section - Part-1

Creating the footer section - Part-2

Making webpage responsive - Part-1

Making webpage responsive - Part-2

Including jquery

Scrolling effect

Adding animations




Native modules

Modules in nodejs

Express framework

Creating a server using express

Request and response using express


Sending html file as a response

Post request in express


Authentication and JSON

Weather app


Version control using git

Github and remote repositories


Forking and pulling request


Creating Ejs template

Creating a Todo list project Part-1

Creating a Todo list Part-2

Layouts In ejs

Creating our own modules

What is database

Installing mongodb

Create In CRUD

Read In CRUD

Update and Delete In CRUD

Relationship In mongodb


Retriving Data from Database

Data Validation

Delete and Update

Connecting documents

Storing list items permanently PART-1

Storing list item permanently PART-2

Deleting a task from todo list

what REST

Setting Up Robo 3T

Get All Articles

Post a new article

Delete Request

Making a specific get request

Put operation on a specific record

Patch request

Deleteing a specific record

Intro to Authentication and security

Setting Up folder structure

Register and login


Cookies and Session

Intro to Reactjs

Code sandbox

JSX and babel

JSX practice

Javascript expression in JSX practice

Javascript expression in jsx

JSX styling React elements

Inline style for React elements

React styling practice

React Components

React Component Practice

Import and export

Export and import Practice

Keeper app Project Part-1

Props in reactjs

Adding React js developer tools

Mapping Data to components

Map function Practice challenge

Map reduce and filter function In js ES6

Arrow function in ES6

Keeper App project Part-2

React Condiitional rendering

ReactJs states

React Hooks UseState

Hooks use state practice

Destructure Concept in ES6

Handling events in React

Form Events

Class component Vs Hooks

Handling multiple states in react js app

Spread operator

Component tree structure

Keeper app project-3

Material UI

Data Structure & Algorithm

DSA is the most important thing to crack interviews, this is the thing on which you will be judged about your skills. We will be learning it together extensively with many assignments to practice and master it.



Introduction to the Course

Setting Up the environment

Static Memory Allocation

Dynamic memory allocation

Physical and logical data structures


Space and time complexity

How recursion works, Generalization, Recursion and stack

Recurrence relation and time complexity

Code recursion

Static and global variables in recursion and code

Tail recursion

Head recursion

Tree recursion

Indirect recursion

Nested recursion

Sum of natural numbers using recursion

Factorial using recursion

Power using recursion

Taylor series using recursion approach-1

Taylor series using recursion approach-2

Fibonacci series using recursion

nCr using recursion

Tower of hanoi

Tower of Hanoi implementation

Introduction, Declaration, Demo

Static array vs dynamic array, CODE

Increase array size, CODE

2D array

2D array DEMO

Array representation by compiler

Row major formula for 2d arrays

Column major formula for 2d arrays

Formulas for nD arrays

Formulas for 3D arrays

Array ADT

Array ADT - Demo

Inserting in array

Inserting in array - DEMO

Deleting from array

Deleting from array - DEMO

Linear search

Linear search - DEMO

Binary search

Binary search - DEMO

Get, set, avg, max functions

Get, set, avg, max functions DEMO

Merging array

Mergin array demo

Check if an array is sorted

Check if an array is sorted - DEMO

Set operations on arrays

Single missing element in sorted array

Multiple missing element in sorted array

Finding duplicates in sorted array

Finding duplicates in unsorted array

Reverse an array

Reverse array DEMO

Find duplicates in sorted array usign hashing

Find a pair of elements with sum as K in unsorted array

Find a pair of elements with sum as K in sorted array

Find max and min in one scan

String introduction

Length of string

Changing case of a string

Counting words and vowels

Validating a string

Reversing a string

Comparing two strings and palindrome

Finding duplicates

Check if two strings are anagrams

Permutations of a given string

Diagonal matrix

Diagonal matrix DEMO

Class for diagonal matrix

Class for diagonal matrix - DEMO

Lower triangular matrix

Lower triangular matrix code

Upper triangular matrix

Symmetric matrix

Tri digonal and tri band matrix

Toeplitz marix

C++ class for matrix

Sparse matrix representation

Sparse matrix addition

Creation of Sparse matrix

Addition of sparse matrix

Sparse matrix using


Why need dynamic DS LL

Linked list introduction

Display linked list

Display linked list code

Counting nodes and sum of all elements of linked list

Counting nodes and sum - DEMO

Max element in linked list

Max element in linked list - DEMO

Searching in linked list

Searching in linked list - DEMO


Insertion - DEMO

Insertion in sorted list

Insertion in sorted list - DEMO

Check if list is sorted

Check if list is sorted - DEMO


Deletion - DEMO

Reverse a linked list

Concatinating two linked lists

Checking for a LOOP

Checking for LOOP - DEMO

CLL Introduction

CLL Introduction - DEMO

Insertion in CLL

Deletion in CLL

CLL insertion and deletion - DEMO

Doubly linked list - Introduction

Insert in DLL

Delete in DLL


Circular doubly linked list

Comparision of linked lsits

Max element in LL

Creating a LL using insert

Creating a LL by inserting at last

Removing duplicates from sorted LL

Removing duplicates from sorted LL DEMO

Recursive reverse for LL

Reversign a LL DEMO

Reverse a doubly LL DEMO


Polynomial representation using LL

Polynomial representation using LL DEMO

Stack introduction

Stack using array - DEMO

Stack using linked list

Parenthesis matching

Parenthesis matching - DEMO

Infix to postfix conversion

Infix to postfix - DEMO

Evaluation of postfix expression

Postfix evaluation - DEMO

Stack using LL - DEMO

Queue introduction

Queue insertion and deletion - DEMO

Drawback of queue using array

Circular queue

Circular queue - DEMO

Queue using linked list

Queue using LL - DEMO

Priority queue

Double ended queue DEQUE

Double ended queue DEQUE - DEMO

Tree - terminology

Height vs nodes formulas

Internal and external nodes

Strict binary tree

n-ary trees

Representation of binary tree

Full vs complete binary tree

Strict vs complete binary tree

Creating a tree

Creating Binary tree DEMO

Binary tree traversals

Iterative traversals DEMO

Level order traversal DEMO

Generate binary tree from traversals

Generate BT from traversals DEMO

Height and count of BT DEMO

Count leaf nodes in BT DEMO

Searching in BST

Inserting in BST

Creating a BST


Deleting from BST

BST drawbacks

Generate BST from preorder

AVL tree introduction

Insertion in AVL with rotations

General form of AVR rotations

Generating AVL tree

Height analysis AVL trees

AVL rotations DEMO

2,3 trees

2,3,4 trees

Red black trees

Red black tree creation

Red black trees vs 2-3-4 trees

Red black tree deletion

Heap introduction

Heap insertion

Heap insertion - DEMO

Heap creation

Heap element deletion

Heap sort - DEMO


Heap as priority queue

Bubble sort

Bubble sort DEMO

Insertion sort

Insertion sort DEMO

Selection sort

Selection sort DEMO

Quick sort

Quick sort DEMO

Merge sort

Merge sort DEMO

Hashing introduction


Chaining - DEMO

Linear probing - Quadratic probing

Linear probing - DEMO

Hash function ideas

Graphs terminology

Representation of undirected graph

Representation of directed graph

Breadth first search


Depth first search

DFS - Demo

Minimum cost spanning tree

Prims algorithm

Prims algorithm DEMO

Kruskal_s algorithm

Kruskal algorithm DEMO

Asymptotic notations

Competitve Programming

Competitive programming is needed to hone your skills in coding and crack interviews of very good companies. Once you indulge in it it will be like an addiction but a good one :)



Introduction to the Course

What is Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming Competitions

Websites for Competitive Programming

Terminologies in Competitive Programming

Choosing a Programming Language

Taking Input & Output in Competitive Programming Contests

Cout vs Printf

Endl vs Back n

Fast cin cout Methods _ Conclusion

Time Complexity in Competitive Programming

Calculating Time Complexity of Code

Importance of English in Competitive Programming

Introduction to STL in C++

Standard Array

Standard Vector

Standard Set

Standard Multiset

Standard Map

Standard Multimap

Standard Pair

Standard Forward List

Standard List

Standard Unordered Set

Standard Unordered Multiset

Unordered Map and Unordered Multimap

Standard Stack

Standard Queue

Standard Priority Queue

Standard Deque

Importance of Bit Manipulation Techniques

Basic Binary Operations

Bit Operations in C++

Check ith bit is SET or NOT SET

Toggle ith bit

Check odd or even using bits

Check if Number is Power of 2

Need for Modulo 10^9 + 7

Modulo Arithmetic

[A3.1] Problem XOR ORED

[A3.2] Solution - XOR-ORED

[A3.3] Solution with Code - XOR-ORED

Introduction to Graphs

Weights in Graphs

Why Study Graphs

Edge List

Adjacenty Matrix

Adjacenty List

DFS Traversal

Implementing DFS Traversal

BFS Traversal

Implementing BFS Traversal

Minimum Spanning Tree

Concept of Kruskal_s Algorithm

Concept of Prim_s Algorithm

Concept of Dijkstra Algorithm

[A4.1] Problem - CHFPLN

[A4.2] Solution - CHFPLN

[A4.3] Solution with Code - CHFPLN

Sum of Updated Range Problem

Solving Sum of Range Problem with Segment Trees

Segment Trees - Update Queries

Segment Trees - Calculate Sum

Implementing Segment Tree - Part 1

Implementing Segment Tree - Part 2

Problem - Range Minimum Query

Implementing Range Minimum Query

Implementing Segment Tree - Tricks

Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 1

Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 2

Implementing Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 1

Implementing Lazy Propagation in Segment Trees - Part 2

Problem - Xenia and Bit Operations

Solution - Xenia and Bit Operations

Solution with Code - Xenia and Bit Operations

Problem - Circular RMQ

Solution with Code - Circular RMQ - Part 1

Solution with Code - Circular RMQ - Part 2

Introduction to Backtracking

N Queens Problem Explained

N Queens Solved

Knights Tour Problem Explained

Knight's Tour Solved

Rat in Maze Problem Explained

Rat in Maze Solved

Problem Richie Rich

Solving Richie Rich

Problem False Number

Solving False Number

Introduction to Greedy Algorithms

Understanding Greedy with Fractional Knapsack Problem

Solving Fractional Knapsack Problem

Tasks and Deadlines Problem

Solving Tasks and Deadlines Problem

Optimal File Merging Problem

Solving Optimal File Merge Patterns Problem

Huffman Coding

[A7.1] Problem - Dragons

[A7.2] Solution with Code - Dragons

[A7.3] Problem - Little Elephant and Bits

[A7.4] Solution with Code - Little Elephant and Bits

Introduction to Dynamic Programming

Top down vs Bottom Up

Fibbonacci Problem Top Down

Implementing Fibonnaci with DP

2D Grid Traversal Problem

Implementing 2D Grid Traversal Problem

Understanding Memoization

Fibbonacci with Tabulation

Implementing Fibbonacci with Tabulation

2D Grid Traversal Problem with Tabulation

Implementing 2D Grid Traversal Problem with Tabulation

Understanding Tabulation

[A8.1] Problem - Subset Sum Problem

[A8.2] Solving - Subset Sum Problem

Binary Lifting (Kth Ancestor of a Tree Node)

LCA (Lowest Common Ancestor) Problem

Fenwick Trees - Introduction

Fenwick Trees - Sum of Range (Range Find Query)

Fenwick Trees - Update (Point Update Query)

Problem - Distance between nodes in Trees

Solution - Distance between nodes in Trees

Implementing Fenwick Trees

Implementing Binary Uplifting

Implementing LCA

Solution with Code - Distance between nodes in Trees

Database Management System

Very important to crack interviews for startups.

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We will help you to make the best resume you can.

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