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a Data Scientist


We will teach C++ to build your fundamentals and strong foundation in programming. It is the best language to start with coding.




Setting up Visual Studio Code

Introduction & Skeleton

Input/output, Variables & Data types

Arithmetic Operators & Precedence

Compound Operators, Expressions & Comments

Conditionals, If Else & Switch Case

Assignment 1

Loops - While loops

Loops - DoWhile & For loops



Assignment 2

Strings using Char Array

Strings using string Class

Assignment 3

Functions in C++ [1]

Functions in C++ [2]

Assignment 4

Structures in C++

OOPs Basics

Class & Objects

Assignment 5

Constructors & Fn Overloading

Class Functions

Operator Overloading

Assignment 6

Inheritance - Introduction

Inheritance - Access Specifiers

Inheritance & Constructors

Types of Inheritance

Inheritance - Pointers & Fn Overriding

Assignment 7

Virtual Fns & Runtime Polymorphism

Abstract Classes & Interface

Friend Fn & Classes

Static Data Members

Static Fns

Nested or Inner Classes

Destructors in C++

Assignment 8

Exception Handling - Introduction

Exception Handling - Syntax & Use

Exception Handling - Nested try, Multiple Catch

Assignment 9

Streams - Introduction

Streams - Syntax (Using in programs)

Assignment 10

Template Fns & Classes

STL - Why do we need STL?

STL - Introduction

STL - Using in Programs

Assignment 11


Python is the best language and very high in demand among employers and big companies. We will be learning this extensively and build high end projects.



Introduction To The Course

Installing Python And PyCharm

Hello World Program In Python

Some other mathematical operations in Python

Strings In Python

Accepting input from the user in Python

Performing operations on a string in Python

Variables in Python

In place operators in Python.

Writing our very first program in PyCharm

Coding Challenge Part 1

If statement in Python

Elif statement in Python

Introduction to lists in Python

List operations in Python

List functions in Python

Range function in Python

Code reuse and functions in Python

For Loop in Python

Boolean logic in Python

While loop in Python

Passing arguments to functions in Python

Making function return value in Python

Passing functions as arguments in Python

Modules in Python

Errors & exceptions in Python

Exception handling in Python

Finally block

File handling

Reading data from file

Adding data to the file

Appending to a file


Dictionary Functions


List Slicing

List Comprehension

String formatting

String functions

Numeric functions

Functional programming

Lambdas in Python

Map in Python

Filters in Python

Generators in Python

Introduction To Object Oriented Programming, Classes & Objects

Class Methods

Creating A Class & Defining Class Attributes

Instance Attributes & Constructor

Implementing Methods In Object Oriented Programming

Function Based vs OOP Way Of Writing Code


Multiple Inheritance

Multi-level Inheritance

Recursion in Python



Operator overloading in Python

Data hiding in Python

Regular expressions in Python

Search & find all

Find & replace

The dot metacharacter

Caret & dollar metacharacter

Character class

Star metacharacter


Tkinter : Hello world program

Tkinter: Using frames

Tkinter: Grid layout

Tkinter: Self adjusting widgets

Tkinter: Handling button clicks

Tkinter: Using classes

Tkinter: Using drop downs

Tkinter: Toolbar

Tkinter: Making Status Bar

Tkinter: Message box

Tkinter Drawing

Building Calculator App Part 1

Building Calculator App Part 2

Building Calculator App Part 3

Building Calculator App Part 4

Introduction To Databases

Introduction To PostgreSQL

Installing PostgreSQL On Windows

Installing PostgreSQL On Mac

Creating A Database

Creating Table & Adding Data

Reading Data From Database

Setting Up Virtualenv on Mac

Setting Up Virtualenv On Windows

Installing Psycopg2

Connecting To Database With Python Code

Creating Database Tables With Python

Adding Data To Database Tables With Python

User Submitted Data To Database

Creating App Layout

Adding Entries

Saving Entries To Database

Search Functionality

Listing All Entries

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Python

Installing Tools For Data Analysis

Introduction to Pandas & Series

Converting Dictionaries to Series

Introduction to Data Frames

Changing Column Sequence

Changing Columns & Transposing Dataframe

Reindexing Series & DataFrames

Deleting Rows & Coulumns

Arithmetic operations on dataframe and series

Arithmetic operations in between dataframe and series

Sorting series and dataframes

Sorting according to values

Handling duplicate values

Calculating sum, max & min values

Dropping nan values

Loading data from a file

Analyzing file data

Creating Numpy Array

19 Another way to create an array

Logspace & Linspace

Slicing a Numpy Array

Advanced indexing and slicing techniques


Iterating using ndite

Plotting data using Matplotlib

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 1: Reading CSV File

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 2: Switching Up The Theme

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 3: Accessing Different Parts Of Data

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 4: Selecting Rows On A Condition

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 5: Queries To Find Conditional Data

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 6: Sum, Max, Min & Average

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 7: Using GroupBy To Group Data By Location

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 8: Finding Market Share

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 9: Classifying Shoppers

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 10: Analysing Memberships & Ratings

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 11: Answering Multiple Queries

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 12: Classifying Sales By Day

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 13: Classifying Sales By Month

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 14: Classifying Sales By Hour

Analysing Supermarket Sales Data Part 15: Classifying Payment Types With Hour

Django Tutorial 1: Installing Django on Windows

Django tutorial 2: Creating Our First Django Project

Django tutorial 3: Creating Our Own App

Django tutorial 4: Overview Of an App in Django

Django tutorial 5: Creating Our Own Views in Django

Django tutorial 6: Applying Migrations

Django tutorial 7: Creating Books Table in Django

Django tutorial 8: Final Steps in Creating Table

Django tutorial 9: Adding Data to the Database Tables

Django tutorial 10: Filtering the Results

Django tutorial 11: Admin Pannel in Django

Django tutorial 12: Creating Another View in Django

Django tutorial 13: Connecting to the Database

Django tutorial 14: Creating Templates

Django tutorial 15: Rendering Templates

Django tutorial 16: Raising a 404 Error

Django tutorial 17: Designing The Detail View

Django tutorial 18: Removing The Hardcoded Urls

Django tutorial 19: Namespaces in Django

Django tutorial 20: Using Static Files In Django

Django tutorial 21: Creating Our Navigation Bar

Django tutorial 22: Navigation Bar Touchup

Django tutorial 23: Using Base Templates

Django tutorial 24: Generic Views In Django

Django tutorial 25: Design Touchup

Django tutorial 26: Form To Add Books

Django tutorial 27: Form part -2

Using virtual environment

Django 2 Lecture 1 Creating a project

Django 2 Lecture 2 Creating An App

Django 2 Lecture 3 Overview of an app

Django 2 Lecture 4 Creating a View

Django 2 Lecture 5 Applying Migrations

Django 2 Lecture 6 Creating Models

Django 2 Lecture 7 Creating Database Tables

Django 2 Lecture 8 Adding Data To Database

Django 2 Lecture 9 Filtering Results

Django 2 Lecture 10 Creating A Super User

Django 2 Lecture 11 Creating Another View

Django 2 Lecture 12 Connecting To The Database

Django 2 Lecture 13 Creating Templates

Django 2 Lecture 14 Using Render

Django 2 Lecture 15 Raising 404 Error

Django 2 Lecture 16 Designing The Detail View

Django 2 Lecture 17 Removing Hard Coded URLs

Django 2 Lecture 18 Using Namespaces

Django 2 Lecture 19 Using Static Files

Django 2 Lecture 20 Designing Navbar

Django 2 Lecture 21 Navbar Touchup

Flask Tutorial 1: Creating Directory Structure

Flask Tutorial 2: Hello world

Flask Tutorial 3: Routing

Flask Tutorial 4: Variables

Flask Tutorial 5: Dynamic Urls

Flask Tutorial 6: Passing Data To The Server

Flask Tutorial 7: Templates

Flask Tutorial 8: Templates Passing Data

Flask Tutorial 9: Using Templates

Flask Tutorial 10: Passing Form Data To Templates

Flask Tutorial 11: Using Cookies

Introduction to API

Building a basic REST API using Django REST Framework


Creating API Endpoints

Adding Image Field


Search functionality

API Authentication

Python Web Crawler Part -1

Python Web Crawler Part -2

Python Web Crawler Part -3

Python Web Crawler Part -4

Python Web Crawler Part -5

Python Web Crawler Part -6

Python Web Crawler Part -7

Python Web Crawler Part -8

Python Web Crawler Part -9

Python Web Crawler Part -10

Python Web Crawler Part -11

Python Web Crawler Part -12

Python Web Crawler Part -13

Python Web Crawler Part -14

Python Web Crawler Part -15

Python Web Crawler Part -16

Python Web Crawler Part -17

Python Web Crawler Part -18

Python Web Crawler Part -19

Introduction to Selenium

Installing Selenium

Opening a URL

Automating Google Search

Find Elements By XPATH

Clicking Links

Refreshing a Webpage

Using Forward and Backward Navigation Buttons

Scrolling and Getting the Current URL

Building A Facebook Auto Poster

Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 1

Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 2

Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 3

Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 4

Writing Clean Python Code: Best Practices part 5

IP Address

Ports & Sockets

Creating A Client

Sending Messages

Using Buffer

Building The Messaging Functionality

Sending Messages To Client

Programming Send Functionality

Completing Our Chat App

Introduction To OpenCV

Installing OpenCV

Reading & Displaying Images

Capturing Video From Webcam

Drawing Shapes On Images

Mouse Callback Events

Manipulating Pixels

Color Spaces In OpenCV

Object Tracking In Images

Object Tracking In Videos

Simple Thresholding

Simple Thresholding Implementation

Adaptive Thresholding

Adaptive Thresholding Implementation

Geometric Transformation Of Images

Geometric Transformation Of Images Implementation

Image Blurring

Image Blurring Implementation


Gaussian Filtering

Updating entries in Django with UpdateView

Bootstrap part 1: Introduction To Bootstrap

Bootstrap Part 2: Adding Bootstrap To Our Site

Bootstrap Part 3: Bootstrap Grid System

Bootstrap Part 4: Grid Classes Part 1

Bootstrap Part 5: Grid Classes Part 2

Bootstrap Part 6: Grid Column Offset

Bootstrap Part 7: Making Images Responsive

Bootstrap Part 8: Nesting of Rows & Columns

Introduction to Regular Expressions & Raw Strings

Search & Match Methods

Introduction To Meta Characters

Introduction To Plus Meta Character

Plus Meta Character Example

Introduction To Curly Braces

Curly Braces Example

Introduction To Wildcard

Wildcard Example

Optional Meta Character

Caret Meta Character

Character Classes Part 1

Character Classes Part 2


Data Structure & Algorithm

DSA is the most important thing to crack interviews, this is the thing on which you will be judged about your skills. We will be learning it together extensively with many assignments to practice and master it.



Introduction to the Course

Setting Up the environment

Static Memory Allocation

Dynamic memory allocation

Physical and logical data structures


Space and time complexity

How recursion works, Generalization, Recursion and stack

Recurrence relation and time complexity

Code recursion

Static and global variables in recursion and code

Tail recursion

Head recursion

Tree recursion

Indirect recursion

Nested recursion

Sum of natural numbers using recursion

Factorial using recursion

Power using recursion

Taylor series using recursion approach-1

Taylor series using recursion approach-2

Fibonacci series using recursion

nCr using recursion

Tower of hanoi

Tower of Hanoi implementation

Introduction, Declaration, Demo

Static array vs dynamic array, CODE

Increase array size, CODE

2D array

2D array DEMO

Array representation by compiler

Row major formula for 2d arrays

Column major formula for 2d arrays

Formulas for nD arrays

Formulas for 3D arrays

Array ADT

Array ADT - Demo

Inserting in array

Inserting in array - DEMO

Deleting from array

Deleting from array - DEMO

Linear search

Linear search - DEMO

Binary search

Binary search - DEMO

Get, set, avg, max functions

Get, set, avg, max functions DEMO

Merging array

Mergin array demo

Check if an array is sorted

Check if an array is sorted - DEMO

Set operations on arrays

Single missing element in sorted array

Multiple missing element in sorted array

Finding duplicates in sorted array

Finding duplicates in unsorted array

Reverse an array

Reverse array DEMO

Find duplicates in sorted array usign hashing

Find a pair of elements with sum as K in unsorted array

Find a pair of elements with sum as K in sorted array

Find max and min in one scan

String introduction

Length of string

Changing case of a string

Counting words and vowels

Validating a string

Reversing a string

Comparing two strings and palindrome

Finding duplicates

Check if two strings are anagrams

Permutations of a given string

Diagonal matrix

Diagonal matrix DEMO

Class for diagonal matrix

Class for diagonal matrix - DEMO

Lower triangular matrix

Lower triangular matrix code

Upper triangular matrix

Symmetric matrix

Tri digonal and tri band matrix

Toeplitz marix

C++ class for matrix

Sparse matrix representation

Sparse matrix addition

Creation of Sparse matrix

Addition of sparse matrix

Sparse matrix using


Why need dynamic DS LL

Linked list introduction

Display linked list

Display linked list code

Counting nodes and sum of all elements of linked list

Counting nodes and sum - DEMO

Max element in linked list

Max element in linked list - DEMO

Searching in linked list

Searching in linked list - DEMO


Insertion - DEMO

Insertion in sorted list

Insertion in sorted list - DEMO

Check if list is sorted

Check if list is sorted - DEMO


Deletion - DEMO

Reverse a linked list

Concatinating two linked lists

Checking for a LOOP

Checking for LOOP - DEMO

CLL Introduction

CLL Introduction - DEMO

Insertion in CLL

Deletion in CLL

CLL insertion and deletion - DEMO

Doubly linked list - Introduction

Insert in DLL

Delete in DLL


Circular doubly linked list

Comparision of linked lsits

Max element in LL

Creating a LL using insert

Creating a LL by inserting at last

Removing duplicates from sorted LL

Removing duplicates from sorted LL DEMO

Recursive reverse for LL

Reversign a LL DEMO

Reverse a doubly LL DEMO


Polynomial representation using LL

Polynomial representation using LL DEMO

Stack introduction

Stack using array - DEMO

Stack using linked list

Parenthesis matching

Parenthesis matching - DEMO

Infix to postfix conversion

Infix to postfix - DEMO

Evaluation of postfix expression

Postfix evaluation - DEMO

Stack using LL - DEMO

Queue introduction

Queue insertion and deletion - DEMO

Drawback of queue using array

Circular queue

Circular queue - DEMO

Queue using linked list

Queue using LL - DEMO

Priority queue

Double ended queue DEQUE

Double ended queue DEQUE - DEMO

Tree - terminology

Height vs nodes formulas

Internal and external nodes

Strict binary tree

n-ary trees

Representation of binary tree

Full vs complete binary tree

Strict vs complete binary tree

Creating a tree

Creating Binary tree DEMO

Binary tree traversals

Iterative traversals DEMO

Level order traversal DEMO

Generate binary tree from traversals

Generate BT from traversals DEMO

Height and count of BT DEMO

Count leaf nodes in BT DEMO

Searching in BST

Inserting in BST

Creating a BST


Deleting from BST

BST drawbacks

Generate BST from preorder

AVL tree introduction

Insertion in AVL with rotations

General form of AVR rotations

Generating AVL tree

Height analysis AVL trees

AVL rotations DEMO

2,3 trees

2,3,4 trees

Red black trees

Red black tree creation

Red black trees vs 2-3-4 trees

Red black tree deletion

Heap introduction

Heap insertion

Heap insertion - DEMO

Heap creation

Heap element deletion

Heap sort - DEMO


Heap as priority queue

Bubble sort

Bubble sort DEMO

Insertion sort

Insertion sort DEMO

Selection sort

Selection sort DEMO

Quick sort

Quick sort DEMO

Merge sort

Merge sort DEMO

Hashing introduction


Chaining - DEMO

Linear probing - Quadratic probing

Linear probing - DEMO

Hash function ideas

Graphs terminology

Representation of undirected graph

Representation of directed graph

Breadth first search


Depth first search

DFS - Demo

Minimum cost spanning tree

Prims algorithm

Prims algorithm DEMO

Kruskal_s algorithm

Kruskal algorithm DEMO

Asymptotic notations

Data Science

So after building our fundamentals very strong, we will learn Data Science where we will cover all the topics needed for the industry.

Data Science


Course Introduction


Understanding Buzzwords


DA Excel 2

DA Excel 3

Introduction to Python

Control Structures and Functions - Part 1

Data Structures - Tuples

Data Structures - Lists

Data Structures - Sets

Data Structures - Dictionary

Class and Objects

Basics of probability

Conditional and Bayes

Random Variable and Discrete Probab

Continuous Random Variables

Central Limit Theorem

Statistics in Data Science

Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Dispersion

Hypothesis Testing

Types of errors

Regression Analysis

Underfitting Overfitting

Types of Regression Analysis

Correlation Regression

NumPy Part 1

NumPy Part 2

NumPy Part 3

NumPy Part 4

Pandas Part 1

Pandas Part 2

Matplotlib Part 1

Matplotlib Part 2

Matplotlib Part 4

Matplotlib Part 5


Matrix Vectors

Numpy, LinearAlgebra Matrix for analysis

What is a Tensor

Introduction to Deep Learning

Getting started with ML

How does ML work

Data Cleaning

Data Processing

Preprocessing in Python - Feature Scaling

Preprocessing in Python - Label Encoding

ML Classifications

ML - Regression

ML Algorithms

Classification Model

Introduction to Neural networks

How do neural networks work?

Neural Network from Scratch

Case Study - Part 1

Case Study - Part 2

Case Study - Part 3

Rainfall Prediction Part 1

Rainfall Prediction Part 2

Case Study - Tumor Detection Part 1

Case Study - Tumor Detection Part 2

Database Management System

Very important to crack interviews for startups.

Resume Building

We will help you to make the best resume you can.

Guaranteed Internship

Get guranteed one month internship with minimum stipend of ₹5ooo/month on completing the course along with all the assigmnets & projects

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