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Learn our Indian Classical Singing or "RAGA" music and gain overall confidence in your voice


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Why Singing?

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Science says learning music makes you smarter

When you sing your brain releases “feel-good” chemicals including endorphins

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Great addition to you soft skills as well as social skills

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Helps with voice modulation and your command over the language.

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8 sections 47 lectures 5 hrs 29 mins. Lifetime Access

Welcome to the course - Overview

Products needed for this course

Roadmap of Indian Classical Vocal Music

Important facts one should know before starting the course

Definition of some terms

Improving posture, body-position and seating

How Indian voice works!

Three Step Formula for Vocal Rendition

Five Effective Breathing Exercises before the Practices (Optional)

Producing voice Through Om rendition

Vocalizing vowels for better sound

Mantra Renditions

Vocalizing 'SA' - First Indian Note (Swar)

Octave/Saptak knowledge

Mandra-Saptaka or Lower Octave Riyaz

Madhya Saptak/ Middle Octave Practice

Playing Sargam on the Harmonium-G#

Reaching the Higher 'SA'

Practicing Alankaras

Two-Two Sets Alankaras Practice

Writing & Practicing Alankaras

Harder Alankaras

Identifying the Notes according to the particular Scale- G#

Introducing Other Flat & sharp notes - 12 notes scale

How rhythms and beats work

Laya, tala, Vibhaga, Sam, Tali, Khali, Matras, Tabla-bol,

Types of 'Taals' (beats) in Indian music

Introduction of 'TeenTala' - most important Tala

Simple Swara Melody in Teentala

Basic definition of 'Raga' and its significance

Raga, Thata, Aaroh-avroh, Pakad, Chalan, Prakriti, Vadi-Samvadi, Gayan-samaya,

Elements in Bandish: Sthayee, Antara, tihaai,

Different types of 'Ragas'

Basic theory of 'Raga' Bhairav - Morning Raga

Basic vocalism of Raga Bhairav - Aaroh Avroh (ascent-descend)

Let's Practice the Bhairava Basics

Playing Bhairava Swaras on the Harmonium

Practicing Alankaras with Bhairava Swaras

Aalap in Bhairav (slow improvisation)

Swar-Malika in Raga Bhairava

STHYEE of a Bandish in Bhairav (song/composition/piece)

Antara - Stanza of a Bandish

Bol Baant - Aalap with mild beats

Taanas in Bhairav Raga (fast improvisation of notes)

Tricks To Grasp the Taanas

Organizing the whole performance systematically

Raga Bhairav - Recital by Shambhavi Das

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Course Benefits

You will be able to vocalize Ragas and prepare and perform in your own concert

Improvement in overall confidence and personality

Get fluent with vocalizing of Indian swaras: Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa, Indian Taal (beats) system

Ragas-training including basic introduction of a raga, aalap (slow improvisatio), bandish (composition of that raga) and taans (fast - improvisation).

For whom is this course

Working Professionals
Data Analysts aspirants
Freelancers/ Solopreneurs
Data Science Aspirants
New Programming learners
Killer resume projects display
People interested in Web Development

About this Course

The Complete Singing Course : Learn Singing From Scratch

Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course

live support word by word explanation awesome quality content easy to learn

Starting from scratch: We will be learning from very basics and go till advanced level

Instant doubt solving support: We will be available throughout the day to solve your doubts 1:1 instantly whenevr you have them so as to provide you the smoothest learning experience.

Assignments and projects: Throughout the course you will be getting assignments and projects and if you still want more just ask your mentor and they will be happy to provide you :)

Many of us are self proclaim bathroom singers, but we think that we do not have the talent to sing in front of an audience. Let me clear this one first, You don’t need any talent to become a bathroom singer, and you don’t need any talent to become a professional singer too! Yes, I am not joking.
Do you know Arijit Singh? Of course, you do. But do you know he participated in Indian idol before getting famous? Guess which spot he got in the final round? Sixth spot! But he is now one of the finest singers in Bollywood. Have any idea how this transition happened? With rigorous practice and dedication.
Although you may argue that Arijit at least earned the sixth spot, where you don’t have any or very little musical knowledge. Then let me clear one thing, you don’t need a god gifted voice to become a good singer. You only need guidance and practice. I can help you with the Guidance part, and if you are dedicated enough, definitely you will become a good singer. Hello, I am a professional vocal coach and have plenty of experience teaching most novice students. In this course, I offered you, six hours of in-depth lessons, live doubt solving, personal mentorship and an industry-accepted certificate. If you don’t have any experience, don’t worry. Because I designed this course for every student, whether beginner or intermediate.
At first, you’ll know about the fundamental concepts, like some basic theoretical terms, which will make your base strong. Then I will introduce you to the Indian syllables, beats, rhymes, ragas, etcetera. Then to the advanced level concepts like raga improvisation.
So if you have a dream to become a singer, then don’t suppress it for lack of confidence or high fees. I am here to help you with this premium course for minimal one-time Dakshina. So what are you waiting for grab the deal right now

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