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Adobe Photoshop

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Beginner to Advanced Photoshop course to help you build amazing graphics and designs.


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Photoshop is the most used graphic designing tool that exists

Photoshop is a swiss army knife of graphic editing.

Photoshop is 32 years old software and still leading the editing software.

Build a foundation for more complex tools like, after effects, premier pro, Figma, and blender.

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  • Learn from our structured pre recorded courses made by experts to meet industry needs
  • 1:1 live doubt solving support available throughout the day to clear your doubts instantly
  • Personal mentors to guide and help you throughout your journey as a friend
  • Build major projects which makes your resume stand apart
  • Get certificate and internship opportunities after completion of the course.



16 sections 87 lectures 18 hrs 33 mins. Lifetime Access

Introduction to the Course

Understand the Photoshop Interface

Customize your Workspace and Panels

Create a new Photoshop File

Place photos and graphics in your project

Moving & Zooming Around a Project

Use Artboards in Your Photoshop Workflow

The Layers Panel

Aligning Layers in Photoshop

Organizing the Layers Panel

Linking Layers

Adding Layer Styles and Adjustments

Using Layer Masks

Project: Photo Compositing Basics(Resizing and Placing Layers)

Project Solution: Photo Compositing Basics(Resizing and Placing Layers)

Intro to the Selection Tools

The Magic Wand and Object Selection Tools

Improving Edge Selections with the Refine Edge Tools

Selecting a Specific Color

Easily Remove Objects from a Photo with Content Aware Fill

Project: Abstract Art Graphic

Project Solution: Abstract Art Graphic

Intro to Editing Photos in Photoshop

Adjusting Exposure

Adjusting Colors and Making Your Photos Pop

Cropping and Adjusting Photo Aspect Ratio

Basic Dodging and Burning

A Note About Editing RAW Images

Intro to the Wonderful World of Shapes in Photoshop

Creating Custom Shapes with the Pen and Curvature Tools

Project: Create a Social Media Graphic

Project Solution: Create a Social Media Graphic

Adding Text to Your Projects

Warping Text

Making Text Follow a Line or Shape

Project: Design a Poster with Just Text

Project Solution: Design a Poster with Just Text

How to Add a Line (Stroke) Around Your Layers

Adding Glow to Your Layers

Adding Level and Emboss to Your Layers

More Layer Styles

Introduction to Blend Modes

Easily Remove a Black or White Background with Blend Modes

How to create space inside a juice glass

Creating a camera flare with blend modes

Project: Design a Modern Graphic with Blend Modes

Project Solution: Design a Modern Graphic with Blend Modes

The Filter Gallery

Adjusting the Strength of a Filter

Intro to Retouching and How to Remove Blemishes in Photoshop

Smoothing Skin

Removing Bags Under the Eye

Professional Dodging and Burning to Enhance a Portrait

Enhancing Eye Color

Enhancing The Eyes

Using the Powerful Liquify Tool

Intro to Editing with Camera RAW

Cropping Photos in Camera RAW

White Balance Adjustments

Proper Photo Editing Workflow

Exposure and Brightness Adjustments

Color and Saturation Adjustments

Sharpening and Noise Reduction

Tone Curve Adjustments

Effects like Vignettes, Grain, and Dehaze

Saving Photos from Camera RAW

HSL and Grayscale Adjustments

Lens Corrections

Spot Removal and Blemish Removal

Targeted Adjustments

Straighten and Transform Tools

Graduated, Radial and Brush Filters

Range Masks

A Full Landscape Edit

A Full Portrait Edit

Editing Together an HDR Photo

Speed Up Your Workflow with the Adobe Library

How to Save Your Photoshop Project and Export It For Any Purpose

Quickly Save JPEGs from Photoshop

Exporting Projects Using Artboards

Intro to These Additional Project Demonstrations

Project: Fantasy Walk

Project: Badge Logo

Project: Mystical Cat

Project: Infographic

Thank You Video

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Course Benefits

Have a complete and comprehensive knowledge of the tools inside Photoshop CC.

Learn to "photoshop" your pictures, like an expert! You will learn how to take even the shabbiest looking drab photograph from your cellphone, and convert it into a head-turner.

Learn to retouch, heal and apply filters to photographs!

Become a full time graphic designer or a freelancer and get amazing gigs.

Learn Color Correction, Color Grading and several effects that you can apply to Photographs inside Photoshop.

Learn Creative styles to apply to photos; Make them look Jaw-dropping awesome!

Hear what others have to say


Hrishabh Singh

I came into this course knowing nothing about Photoshop; I didn't even know how to open or create a new document. I can now make emojis, infographics, business cards, and web designs, among other things. The instructor has done an amazing job at explaining; it is really simple to grasp and follow along with. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and will undoubtedly seek out more from Tutedude!


Ujjwal Kalra

Incredible course presented by an expert that knows Photoshop from top to bottom. As I use Photoshop for my own projects, I frequently resort to various aspects of this course. Each area has a wealth of important information. Whoa! Thank you very much


Shashank Goyal

I've always wanted to learn Photoshop, but I was frustrated when I first started learning about the different ways to work with and operate Photoshop. I made a lot of mistakes and struggled a lot, and some activities took me a long time to complete. To be honest, I'm very pleased with this course and would strongly suggest it to anyone interested in Photoshop.


Suryansh Advani

I enrolled for all access pack of Tutedude and I must say that all the courses they are offering are just awesome. Have already completed 5 courses, loved the content and mentors in each course, they are very very helpful and gave me the smoothest learning experience, excited for the further courses.

For whom is this course

Working Professionals
Data Analysts aspirants
Freelancers/ Solopreneurs
Data Science Aspirants
New Programming learners
Killer resume projects display
People interested in Web Development

About this Course

The Complete Adobe Photoshop Course : Learn Adobe Photoshop From Scratch

Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course

live support word by word explanation awesome quality content easy to learn

Starting from scratch: We will be learning from very basics and go till advanced level

Instant doubt solving support: We will be available throughout the day to solve your doubts 1:1 instantly whenevr you have them so as to provide you the smoothest learning experience.

Assignments and projects: Throughout the course you will be getting assignments and projects and if you still want more just ask your mentor and they will be happy to provide you :)

Here is my approach to learn anything! Not just this Photoshop CC course, but anything!

"YOU HAVE TO MASTER THE TOOLS FIRST! There is no way around it"

"For example, let's say you want to drive a sports car. If you want to drive a sports car at top speed in a race, you cannot be at the start line, focusing on how to turn the wheel, how to shift the gears, and where the clutch is! You have to know all that like the back of your hand! You must have practised racing the car so much so that shifting the gears and turning the wheels come naturally to you. Only then will you be able to focus on the road in front of you! "

The same principle applies to learning and mastering Graphic Design and Photoshop CC

If you want to learn and master Photoshop CC; and i'm talking about becoming a Photoshop CC god, you have to learn all the tools that Photoshop CC offers. You have to get that out of the way first, so that you know the following like the back of your hand:

  1. What Photoshop CC tool to use and when?
  2. What are the keyboard shortcuts to a particular Photoshop CC tool that you want to use.
  3. In what order to use those tools so that you achieve the desired effect inside Photoshop CC.

Once you have mastered all the Photoshop CC tools, then you can floor the gas pedal and start to get incredibly creative with Photoshop CC. This is when your work will really start to improve and attract social media attention! You cannot get there immediately, but you can get there, definitely!


Learn how to use Photoshop CC with ease , Create pictures that people will admire you for! They will actually message you asking you to edit their Photos, and you can charge them for it :D Trust me, that has happened to me before!

  • 110+ PHOTOSHOP INSTRUCTIONAL LECTURES , designed to teach you everything about Photoshop , with exceptionally detailed videos!
  • Every Photoshop tutorial is hands-on, and concise and will help you master Photoshop in the least amount of time possible! I tried, but i can't make this course any shorter and still retain all the details. I have included everything that you would want to know about the photoshop software, and I will keep on adding more instructionals, tutorials and practice exercises.
  • You don't need any prior experience working with Photoshop. You will learn everything from scratch! But if you already know the basics, skip a few sections ahead! It works for everyone.
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire Photoshop course.
  • The price of this Photoshop course will increase later, BUT if you join now, you will be able to access all the future content FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE! COMPLETELY FREE! I guarantee that i will keep on updating this course, and will add more Photoshop lectures every week.
  • You just need to have a recent version of Photoshop, or a subscription to Creative Cloud. Nothing more!

I have designed this entire Photoshop CC course, based on the principle that i outlined above. I will introduce every Graphic Design tool inside Photoshop CC, one by one! We will look at all the key concepts of Graphic Design and Photoshop CC, and only then will we move onto practice exercises.


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