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A-Z guide for successful Landscape Photography

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  • Introduction To The Course
  • What is Landscape Photography?
  • I am a Landscape Photographer

  • How does a Camera Work?
  • DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras
  • Aperture & Depth of Field
  • [PRACTICAL] How to adjust Aperture values?
  • Shutter and Shutter Speed
  • [PRACTICAL] How to adjust Shutter Speed?
  • ISO and Camera Sensor
  • [PRACTICAL] How to adjust ISO?
  • [PRACTICAL] Strawberry Test using Aperture, Depth of Field and Shutter Speed
  • [PRACTICAL] Sponge Test using ISO
  • [PRACTICAL] Exposure and Exposure Values Chart

  • Camera Equipment Overview
  • Camera, The Story Teller
  • Lens, Through The Looking Glass
  • Tripod, The Three Legged Companion
  • Shutter Release, The Puppet Master
  • Filters, Your Rose Tinted Glasses
  • Other Accessories

  • [PRACTICAL] Polariser Filter on sky and land
  • [PRACTICAL] Polarizer Filter in a forest (in shady conditions)
  • [PRACTICAL] Graduate ND Filter (Grad ND)
  • Financial Analysis : Analysis of Cash Flow Statement
  • How to use a Graduated ND Filters?
  • LEE Filters Tutorials - Foundation Kit, 105 Circular Polarizer, Grad ND etc

  • Qualities of a Good Photograph
  • Composition in Landscape Photography

  • What is RAW, and why should you shoot RAW images?
  • [PRACTICAL] How to set Image Quality (RAW vs. JPG)
  • Image Histogram, The Truth
  • White Balance

  • Knowledge & Planning
  • Knowledge & Planning (in a forest)
  • Knowledge & Planning (on a beach)
  • Knowledge & Planning (in the mountains)
  • Why Should You Photography Famous Photography Locations?
  • How Did I Plan a Successful Landscape Photography Trip?

  • Where to focus when taking photos?
  • Taking photos at sunset. What are the challenges?
  • Tips for Sunset and Sunrise Photography
  • Taking photos at sunset - Dodging Waves
  • Taking Photos in a Forest. What are the challenges?
  • Takings photos at midday - Game of Light and Shadows
  • Taking photos at sunrise. Exploring Sand Dunes
  • Taking photos during midday. What are the challenges?
  • Taking photos at sunrise. Golden Light in the Mountains
  • Seascapes Photography Tips on Location
  • Beauty of The Karoo - Day 1
  • Beauty of The Karoo - Day 2

  • How to Photograph Star Trails?

  • How to Organise Your Photos?
  • Tips for Beginners: Common Mistakes in Post Processing
  • Introduction to Adobe Lightroom
  • How to Process a Landscape Photo using Lightroom?

  • Keep Moving, Keep Shooting

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Course Overview

Understand how a camera works.

Understand what camera settings should be selected for taking landscapes and portraits (practical).

Select the right lenses.

Use photographic filters in the field.

Compose images based on professional guidelines for successful landscape work.

Watch landscape photography tips on location and see what goes behind the scenes.

Realise the value and potential of post processing tools like Adobe Lightroom.

Organise your photos better.

Select appropriate values for Aperture, Shutter and ISO in the camera (practical).

Choose the right camera for landscape photography.

Comprehend the use of camera equipment like tripod, shutter release, various camera filters, camera bags and cleaning tools etc. and their use in landscape photography.

Learn important camera settings like White Balance, Image Quality modes, Histogram etc.

Plan a landscape photography shoot by scouting the field and gaining the appropriate knowledge for a successful adventure.

Post Process a landscape photo.

Do night time photography (star trails and Milky Way practical).

About this Course

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If you are that guy who was constantly asked by his peers to take their photographs. To make them look cool with your amazing photography skills. But want to upgrade your expertise to make it a profession. Or if you want to impress your friends by taking great shots.Or if you are just love taking amazing photos and has it as a hobby. Or… ok enough of “or”, in short, if you want to learn photography, but saying never mind because of high fees of a professional course. Then this is the course for you. Hello, I am your instructor. I have plenty of experience teaching thousands of students and helping them in their photography journey. I’ve designed this course in such a way that you’ll learn something new, nevertheless, if you are a beginner, intermediate or pro. At first, we will know about the most important and necessary thing for every photographer, his camera. Here you will know about some basic and intermediate things like the uses of the right lenses, the right camera for landscape photography, comprehend the use of camera equipment like a tripod, shutter release, etc. You’ll also learn some advanced concepts like Image Quality modes, Histogram Post Process landscape photos. I’ve filled this course with practical examples for Aperture, Shutter and ISO in the camera, nighttime photography (star trails and Milky Way) etc. Practicles will help you to get a better understanding of the concepts.
So why should you choose this course?
Actually, there are lots of reasons. But let’s only take the important ones. I believe in giving the students complete freedom, that’s why you’ll get lifetime access. It enables you to watch the course at your convenience, and if in future if you want to rewatch a particular lesson then that is also possible. As it is an online course, many students may feel uncomfortable. As in offline classes, they can ask the instructor questions but online that is not possible for most of the other courses. However here you’ll get features like live doubt solving, and a personal mentorship, which solves this problem. Every student will get an industry-accepted certificate which will help you to get photography jobs. And do you know what is the best part? You will get all these features for which others charge thousands of rupees for only a one-time payment of six-nine nine!
So what are you waiting for, grab this premium photography course now

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Tutedude provides you the professional curated content by Indian instructors along with live doubt solving and personal one to one mentorship which you won't find anywhere else.

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