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Master Java with OOPS, JDBC and servlets.


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Java is used by 95% of the enterprises as their primary language

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90% of all Fortune 500 companies code on Java

Most demanded programming language in the world with some 9 million developers and it runs on around 7 million devices worldwide.

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12 sections 54 lectures 29 hr 57 min Lifetime Access

Introduction to the Course


Writing our first Java program

Vars and Data Types-1

Variables and Data Types-2



Nested If-else and Switch Case

Creating our First Method

Return Types and Arguments

Public static void main Explained

Public static void main Explained

More on Public static void main

Starting with classes and objects


Project Structure and Runtime

The Java Stack

Java Heap


Interfaces and Method Overriding

Abstract Classes




Nested Loops and Debugger

Using CMD to run java files

Into to JAR files

JAR Files using CMD

User Input and Reading Files


Buffered Reader

Auto Closeable Interface

ArrayLists And LinkedLists

Custom ArrayLists and Linked Lists

HashSet, LinkedHashSet and HashCode

Custom Comparators


Intoduction and Creating a Generic Class

Generic Methods

Intro to Wildcards

More on Wildcards


Intro to Threads

Methods on Threads

Synchronized Threads

Concurrency with Collections

Producer-Consumer using wait and notify

Producer-Consumer using Array Blocking Queue

Thread pool

Setting up Everything!

Databases and SQL


Insert_Update_Delete using JDBC

Function Interfaces and Lambdas

Examples of Lambda Expressions

Built-in Functional Interfaces


Building our awesome project

Tomcat Setup

What is a servlet

Basics + Our First Servlet

doGet and doPost

Request Dispatcher

Using HttpSession

Using Cookies

Using Url Rewriting

Servlet Config

Servlet Context

Filters Explained with Example

JSP Scripting Elements

JSP implicit Objects

Response Implicit Object

Config implicit object

Application Implicit Object

Session implicit Object

PageContext, page and Exception implicit object

JSP implicit objects

JSP Page Directives

JSP Include and Taglib Directive

JSP Forward, Param, Include Tag

UseBean Action Tag

Expression Language

Model View And Controller

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Course Benefits

Understand the Java Programming Language right from the basics of programming to in depth.

Build hands on projects to get confidence to apply knowledge practically

Learn OOPS concept like nowhere else

Develop web applications using Servlets and JDBC

Hear what others have to say


Shashank Goyal

Being a java aspirant and a person who wants to make a career in Java, finding a good course with detailed explanation was difficult but then I found Tutedude. The best thing about the Tutedude courses is that they keep on upgrading their courses to provide us with the upgraded ones without charging any amount from us..


Tanvi Sutar

Everything in this course is a gold mine and on top of that, I had also got a personnel mentor who had guided me on every problem which I had faced while learning. Rather we have made such a bond that I still talk with my mentor and take his guidance whenever I need him.


Keshav Nagpal

This Java course is very extensive, they have completed all the topics which are required in the industry. Mentors also helped me by providing many assignments which boosted my confidence. Grateful to have such a great course to learn.


Siddharth Dixit

My friend referred me to this course after he completed the course and was praising a lot about it and after I have also completed I can say he was 100% right. The content is top notch and the mentors, they are super awesome. Really worth more than the price.

For whom is this course

Working Professionals
Data Analysts aspirants
Freelancers/ Solopreneurs
Data Science Aspirants
New Programming learners
Killer resume projects display
People interested in Web Development

About this Course

The Complete Java Programming Course : Learn Java Programming From Scratch

Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course

live support word by word explanation awesome quality content easy to learn

Starting from scratch: We will be learning from very basics and go till advanced level

Instant doubt solving support: We will be available throughout the day to solve your doubts 1:1 instantly whenevr you have them so as to provide you the smoothest learning experience.

Assignments and projects: Throughout the course you will be getting assignments and projects and if you still want more just ask your mentor and they will be happy to provide you :)

No matter if you are naive or a professional, if you are just starting or spent years, one language that you should learn is no doubt java. Because it is one of the most used and versatile languages in the developer world. With Java you can develop applications from desktop, web to mobile.
It is a very mature language with a history of 22 years, so there has to be some quality that helps it to be relevant for developers till date. And do you know the best thing? It teaches you how to think like a programmer. It creates that base. As it is an OOP language you will need to master a certain level of logic, which in turn will help you with programming in detail. Simply, Java not only teaches you how to code with java, but it also helps you to understand the ecosystem. Which in turn helps you to learn other languages.
And as Java is so important and versatile, it will be an important skill that you can include in your resume, which will increase the chances of landing a programming job. I think now you can understand why it is so important to learn Java, and why it may be a good fit for you if you are a beginner or pro. But why choose this course? It’s a pretty good question. And in my years of experience in teaching hundreds of students, I can say this is one of the best courses that the market offers today.
But I cap the price only at six nine nine, so that everybody could afford it. And we can make a world of brilliant coders.
Let's meet inside the course :)

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