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This Course includes

  • 4 Hrs Video lectures
  • Full Lifetime Access
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Course By Jeet Samant


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Guitar Jump Start for Success

From a complete beginner to a confident guitarist
Course By:

Jeet Samant


Course By:

Jeet Samant

About this course

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30 Day Guitar Jump Start for Success is a course designed to build a Strong Foundation in Guitar Playing; packed in 30-day course material sequenced for efficiency and effectiveness.

In this course we also ensure that you ENJOY your journey of learning the guitar AND learn in a SHORTEST possible time.

The truth is: What you will learn in this course will SAVE Thousands of Hours of future Frustration that the other guitar players go through; who do not follow a structured method early in their Guitar learning life-cycle.

Here are the highlights of the course:

1. No previous knowledge / experience is required for this course.

2. Flexibility to learn at your own pace.

3. Help always available. We are just a email away in case if you have any doubts or questions about the course material.

4. EXPERT Instructors: The instructors who have authored this course are in the industry for over 20 years. They have not only taught 100s of students but some of them are also signed to a major record labels.

5. After completing the course you will be able to play the chords of 3 to 5 well-known songs; and also able to play melodies on the guitar.

BUT most importantly than anything else; you WILL know the smartest way to Learn, Practice, Progress and to Motivate yourself; and we are sure that these 4 skills will eventually allow you to learn any song of any complexity; as you apply, what you have learnt in this course, in your future learning path.

What do we need from YOU to make this happen?

1. A Guitar (Acoustic or Electric)

2. Dedication and DESIRE to learn and to practice at least 30 minutes a day. The more the better; but remember: consistency is more important than volume.

3. A little patience with yourself as you learn and master the material.

What our current students are saying?

"Pro Guitar Labs allows complete beginners like me who held guitar first time; to be able to play basic chords with ease. The pro guitar labs Instructors have been great tutors so far and i am enjoying every lession with them. All materials like learning videos to handy notes are very easy to follow. I would recommend Pro Guitar Labs to anyone who wants to learn guitar. No matter how old you are i am sure you will have great time playing your favourite tunes. Thank you ....Payal "

- Payal Patel (Melbourne, Australia)

"If you are looking for a comprehensive program for learning guitar, this is it. Pro Guitar labs are providing an invaluable service to those who are passionate about learning various styles of guitar in a very unique way. The lessons are easy to follow & not intimidating at all. The materials and videos are fantastic. Nothing is assumed or taken for granted. The first few lessons provide a solid musical foundation which is steadily built on. In a word ..... no a word won't do.... in many words wow, amazing, fantastic, awesome & incredible. THANKYOU Pro Guitar Labs. Hema ... "

- Hema (Melbourne, Australia)

What is a RISK to you?

Well, the Risk to you is nothing. Since, we provide FREE Course.

Happy Learning

Rising Tones Team

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✔31section ✔ 92lectures ✔ 3h 54m total length

The Essentials

  • 1. Message from the instructor
  • 2. How to tune your Guitar
  • 3. Right Position and Posture

Practical Session-01

  • 4. Learning to control strings
  • 5. What is this thing called "Chord" in the Guitar
  • 6. Let's play the E-Minor chord
  • 7. The 6 Secretes to make a Chord to "Sound"
  • 8. Using the FRET hand... the right way

Practical Session-02

  • 9. The A minor chord - (meet the best friend of E minor)
  • 10. Your first POWER chord - The E5
  • 11. Finger independence and brain teaser - Part1
  • 12. Picking hand control - Part1

Practical Session-03

  • 13. Changing between two power chords
  • 14. Revising the E5 power chord
  • 15. Finger independence & brain teaser - Part2
  • 16. Picking hand control - playing the "Half Beat"
  • 17. Things you should have in your practice place

Practical Session-04

  • 18. Playing the 'D' power chord (D5)
  • 19. Finger Independence & brain teaser - Part3
  • 20. Let's Play Coldplay Song called Yellow
  • 21. How to practice effectively (Part-1)

Practical Session-05

  • 22. Picking hand control - Let's randomise
  • 23. Finger independence & brain teaser - Part3
  • 24. Knowing the names of the notes on Guitar Fret board

Practical Session-06

  • 25. Picking hand control - Let's Randomise (even more)
  • 26. Finger independence & brain teaser - Part4
  • 27. Let's play an intro of a COOL song called 'Nothing Else Matters'

Practical Session-07

  • 28. The C major chord
  • 29. Finger independence & brain teaser - Part5

Practical Session-08

  • 30. Finger independence & control - lets revise
  • 31. Arpeggios played slightly FASTER
  • 32. Your First Guitar Assignment - I can't wait to see you play

Practical Session-09

  • 33. Finger Yoga - Make this your daily practice HABIT, for faster results
  • 34. Let's revise everything that we learnt so far...

Practical Session-10

  • 35. The mother of all scales -- The Chromatic Scale
  • 36. Record yourself playing ANY exercise that we covered

Practical Session-11

  • 37. Changing chords smoothly
  • 38. Strumming your chords
  • 39. Chromatic scale - Part2

Practical Session-12

  • 40. chromatic scale - Part3
  • 41. Strumming your chords - Lets skip some strums

Practical Session-13

  • 42. The C Major scale
  • 43. Changing chords - Let's take a closer Look
  • 44. Strumming pattern with skips - Let's revise
  • 45. Finger independence & brain teaser- Part 6

Practical Session-14

  • 46. C Major scale with 2 and 1 beats
  • 47. The F Major chord
  • 48. Changing chords smoothly

Practical Session-15

  • 49. Changing chords smoothly (and faster)
  • 50. Strumming pattern - Skipping the 2nd and the 5th stroke

Practical Session-16

  • 51. Playing 'Triplates'
  • 52. ACDC Thunder Struck (Intro)
  • 53. Strumming pattern skipping 2nd & 5th stroke - revision
  • 54. Diminished arpeggios

Practical Session-17

  • 55. Major revision (Smoke On Water, Canon & Top Gun Anthem)
  • 56. ACDC thunder struck intro
  • 57. Let's revise the most common chords
  • 58. C Major scale triplates played descending

Practical Session-18

  • 59. Revision of what we have learnt

Practical Session-19

  • 60. Let's Revise Triplates (Ascending as well as Descending)
  • 61. The D Minor (Dm) chord

Practical Session-20

  • 62. A smart trick to be able to change chords smoothly
  • 63. The Chorus of song 'Amazing' - by Alex Lloyd (Revision)
  • 64. C-Major Quarter-plates
  • 65. Hand co-ordination exercise

Practical Session-21

  • 66. Revision - Let's make it sound BETTER
  • 67. Diminished arpeggios revision
  • 68. Knockin on heavens door - by Bob Dylon

Practical Session-22

  • 69. Quarterplate revision
  • 70. Knockin on heavens doors (verse + chorus) - Bob Dylon
  • 71. Canon chords revision

Practical Session-23

  • 72. Time for revision

Practical Session-24

  • 73. Canon chord revision
  • 74. Chromatic power chords

Practical Session-25

  • 75. Smoke on the water (Intro) - Deep Purple
  • 76. Canon chords (revision)
  • 77. Arpeggios (revision)
  • 78. Arpeggios played on Four Chords

Practical Session-26

  • 79. Canon chords (revision.... again) let's make this Smooth
  • 80. Arpeggios revision
  • 81. Thunder struck (Intro) revision
  • 82. Top Gun Anthem

Practical Session-27

  • 83. Let's Do FULL focus into the Thunder Struck

Practical Session-28

  • 84. Canon chords - let's finalise them
  • 85. Knockin on heavens doors (revision)
  • 86. The Top Gun Anthem...Revision

Practical Session-29

  • 87. Master Revision
  • 88. Can't wait to see you play
  • 89. Send me your playing


  • 90. November Rain outro solo - by Slash of Guns N' Roses
  • 91. Thunder struck intro - by ACDC
  • 92. The way you look at me (Original) - Jeet Samant


  • ✔ PLAY SONGS on guitar even if you never played a guitar before

  • ✔ Differentiate yourself from thousands of other guitar learners by using the state of the art TECHNIQUE and learning methods

  • ✔ Master the names of ALL the notes the Guitar fret-board and other essential music theory without all those boring details

  • ✔ Develop a strong FOUNDATION in guitar which will lead you to faster progress and better enjoyment of the instrument

  • ✔ Develop the ability to accompany other singers (or accompany yourself if you are a singer)

Best Content:

You will get best quality content in this course. After getting through this course your fundamentals concepts will be super clear.


Get certified by Tutedude. You can ask for the certificate after completing the course in chat section.

Live Doubt Solving:

If you have any doubt while learning, just type your doubt on the chat option and you will get connected to the mentor as soon as possible to clear all your doubts

Who is this course for

  1. ✔ Any student who want to learn Guitar can go through the course

  2. ✔ Age 10 and above