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Overview of the course

TIPS scam

Introduction to the stock market

Risks and benefits, Reason behind movement of stock

Common Myths

Avenues to Invest in the Stock Market

Avenues to Invest in the Stock Market Part 2

Avenues to invest and Demat account

Difference between Investing and Trading

Choosing the right Broker

Types Of Investors

Economics 101 topic 1

Effect of broader economy on the stock market

Cycles of an economy

What is Fundamental Analysis

Introduction to fundamental analysis

Components of Fundamental Analysis

Industry Analysis, SWOT

Porter's Five Forces

BCG Matrix

Analyzing Financial Statements P&L

Introduction to Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement

Ratios - Liquidity Ratios and Activity Ratios

Leverage Ratios and Profitability Ratios

Commonly used Ratios

Industries Specific Ratio

Role of Dividends

ITC Case Study Part 1

Case Study Part 2

HDFC Bank Case study

How to Analyze an IPO

Happiest Mind IPO Example

Portfolio Management

What next

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Course Benefits

You will learn why people loose money in Stock Market?

You will learn financial analysis framework of stock selection

You will learn how to differentiate between a good management and dishonest management in a step by step manner

You will sign your lifelong stock investment Pledge

New Dip Moving Average strategy of taking entry into a stock a low levels

How to find if a company is manipulating earnings?

You will learn modes by which common investor is trapped by the so called stock Market Manipulators

You will learn how to do business and industry analysis

How to generate stock ideas? Create your Stock Selection Funnel

When to sell the stock?

How to find future bankruptcy chances of a company?

How to find true financial strength of a company via a Score?

Hear, what others have to say


Sharmistha Gautam

Excellent stuff with excellent explanations. The mentors are very very helpful. The instructor deserves a pat on the back. Tutedude deserves credit for bringing this course to our attention and providing us this quality content.


Anjali Singh

After watching “Scam-1992” the Indian stock market started fascinating me but didn’t know how to start and I didn’t want to lose my money without having the right knowledge of the market. So as a beginner, I started learning courses from Tutedude for the stock market and technical analysis to start my stock market journey and it helped me a lot.


Prince Raj

As a recent graduate, I started earning and wanted to invest my money in the right place to grow it. Investing in stocks always felt risky but after learning from basic to the advanced level at Tutedude I felt confident in investing, now it’s a part of my routine. Thanks to Tutedude mentors for guiding me throughout.


Suryansh Advani

I enrolled for all access pack of Tutedude and I must say that all the courses they are offering are just awesome. Have already completed 5 courses, loved the content and mentors in each course, they are very very helpful and gave me the smoothest learning experience, excited for the further courses.

About this course

If the answer is "YES" , then welcome to this amazing course on How to Eliminate Loss and Profit Consistently in Stock Market.

Most investors often leave stock market with huge losses and myths in mind like stock market is a place to gamble, stock market is controlled by operators, money can be made only by insider trading etc etc.

But mostly people fail to realise their own mistakes. Their own non ability to learn and often relying on other people for investment decisions.

This course is for small investors who are engaged in different full time job or business or any other source of income and invest small amounts in stock market to earn passive income. Even if you are full time investor you will gain lots of new strategies and eye opening facts which you can implement to refine your investment process in stock market.

In this course you will learn-

1) Why ordinary/common investor loses money in stock market?
2) How retail investors are trapped? Stock Tip Scam
3) Financial Analysis
4) Business and Industry Analysis
5) Valuation Analysis
6) Management Analysis
7) How to generate stock ideas?
8) Stock Investing Pledge
9) When to Sell the Stock
10) BONUS: New Dip Moving average strategy to enter stocks at lows.
11) BONUS:How to find Companies manipulating earnings?
12) BONUS:How to find companies who may go bankrupt in near future?
13) BONUS:How to find financial strength of a company?

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