Financial Modelling
& Valuation

The most desired skill in today's corporate world.

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✔8 sections ✔ 59 lectures ✔ 9h 23m total length

  • Introduction and Overview of Excel
  • Basic Operations and Data Entry
  • Introduction to formatting
  • Introduction to Excel Formulas
  • Excel Functions
  • Cut copy, Paste Special
  • Format Cells

  • Excel best practices
  • Tips & tricks part 2
  • Select Special & Dynamic Names
  • Named Range & Hyperlink
  • Custom Format No.
  • Macros
  • Freeze Panes & More
  • Conditional formatting

  • Count, Average
  • Text Modif, MaxMin
  • VLookUP
  • INDEX, MATCH and their combination - the perfect substitute for VLOOKUP
  • Choose and Goal Seek
  • Rank and Iferror

  • Net Present Value
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Loan and Interest Rate
  • Date Functions

  • Intro Pivot Tables
  • Modify
  • Slicers

  • P&L
  • Compile Data
  • Mapping, P&L

  • Forcasting P&L Part 1
  • Forcasting P&L Part 2
  • Forcasting BS Part 1
  • Forcasting BS Part 2
  • Filling P&L
  • Filling BS
  • UFCF
  • Net Cash Flow
  • Completing Cashflow and BS
  • Enterprise Value

  • Intro
  • Revenue Modelling 1
  • Revenue Modelling 2
  • Other Items of P&L
  • Other Items of the BS
  • PP&E Schedule
  • Content Assets Schedule
  • Data Schedule
  • Profit & Loss Part 1
  • Profit & Loss Part 2
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Part 1
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Part 2
  • WACC
  • DCF & Outro

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About this Course

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Want to learn Excel while being applied practically?
Or you might be someone who looks to make a career in finance(highest paid field)
Or you just maybe one pursuing MBA
Whatever it be, Excel and Financial Modelling are all around skills, the skills which will help you in whatever career field you are. And here I am with this course to make you excel in this skill(pun intended :) In this course we will be first learning Excel and then move to how to evaluate any company financially. At the end there is an extensive case study on Netflix(most of our's favorite company) through which you will learn how to apply all the things we learnt before that and also gain confidence to evaluate any company on your own after that. If you are excited about this, why wait? See you inside the course
All the best!

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