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How does FeesBack work ?


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How does FeesBack work ?


within 3 months

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17h 25m

total duration



Introduction to the Course


VMware vs Virtual box

Installing Virtualbox

Updating Kali

Overview of Kali Linux

The terminal and Linux commands

Stages of Hacking

Networking Basics

Connecting a Wireless Adapter To Kali

What is MAC Address & How To Change It

Wireless Modes (Managed & Monitor)

WiFi Hacking

WiFi Security

Wireless Information Gathering

Understanding MITM Attacking

ARP Spoofing

Wireshark Basics


Detecting and Preventing ARP Attacks

System Exploitation

Installing Metasploitable 2 and Windows VM

Exploiting Misconfigured Services on Metasploitable Server

Using Metasploit Framework

Client Side attacking with Metasploit and Shellter

Preventing Client Side attacks

Introduction to Social Engineering and OSINT

Installing and Registering Maltego

Information Gathering with Maltego

Twitter OSINT and Email Spoofing

Overview of Moving Attacks Outside of Local Network

Understanding Encryption and Hashing Concepts

Cracking Passwords

Website Hacking and How they work

Website Recon

File Upload Vulnerabilities

Code Execution

Local File Inclusion

Checking for SQL Injection

Exploting SQLi to Gather Passwords

Checking for SQL Injection

Stored XSS

Reflected XSS

Project 1: Simple CTF

Project 2: RootMe

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Course Benefits

Start from 0 up to a high-intermediate level.

Launch various Man In The Middle attacks.

Gather information about people, such as emails, social media accounts, emails and friends.

Send emails from ANY email account without knowing the password for that account.

Hack secure systems using client-side & social engineering.

Use 30+ hacking tools such as Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, SQLmap.....etc.

Exploit SQL injections to find databases, tables & sensitive data such as usernames, passwords...etc

Hook victims to BeEF using XSS vulnerabilities.

About this course

Want to learn how to hack like black hat hackers and secure them like experts? You might be someone who is fascinated by the term hacking and get thrilled by even a thought of hacking a remote computer and gaining its full access. So let me confirm you in this exciting course we will be just learning how to do that.
NO prior knowledge is needed about anything as we will start from very scratch and taking you inside out of how systems work, how can we find vulnerabilities and then subsequently how can we hack them and gain full access. Not only that we will be learning how to hack web applications, access databases with SQLi attacks and gaining information. This will be an indepth 18hrs course and trust me you can't learn hacking efficiently from random places, you need a go to mentor with whose help you will learn it the fastest and easiest way. I am proud to say that I will be that one in this course.
So what are you waiting for? Join in and let's start our hacking journey

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