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  • Welcome
  • Getting Started
  • Examples of some innovations and innovators
  • How I did it and empowered and supported other to do it
  • Why do it? Benefits to you
  • Benefits to the organization
  • Back to 29 Aug
  • DoItvation Gallery
  • Organization Evolution
  • Your evolution

  • DoIt

  • Ignite Vudocs
  • Random
  • Attribute
  • Scamper
  • Role usage
  • Analogy
  • Mind maps
  • Six thinking hats
  • Fishbone
  • 5W
  • Exercises

  • IPSOVI approach
  • Innovation Assessment Quadrant
  • IPSOVI Example
  • Steam Engine and James Watt
  • Micheal Jackson and Anti Gravity Shoes
  • Edison and Bulb
  • Traveller's Cheque and Amex
  • Exercises

  • Getting started with search on idea and its refinement
  • Recap of various steps
  • Examples
  • Exercises

  • Getting started with brainstorming
  • Round Robin
  • Stepladder
  • BrainWriting
  • Brain-Netting
  • Crawford Slip Writing
  • Reverse brainstorming
  • StarBursting
  • Role Storming
  • Charette Procedure
  • Group IPSOVI

  • What is Prototyping?
  • Examples of Prototyping
  • Definitions and Levels
  • Low Fidelity Prototype
  • Medium/High Fidelity Prototype
  • Prototype Building Examples
  • Future of Prototyping
  • Keep Imagining and Innovating

  • Get started with patenting and what is patent?
  • Types of Patents
  • Examples of Patents
  • Patentable vs Non-Patentable
  • Key Components
  • Steps in patenting
  • Exercises

  • Getting Started with Positioning Pitch
  • Key Elements
  • Backup Elements
  • Proposed Next Steps
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Example of a Pitch
  • Exercise

  • Future Pathways

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Course Overview

Learn about some of the great innovations and great innovators

Learn about techniques for brainstorming

Learn about patents and patenting your idea

How to apply programming knowledge to build something with that

Learn about techniques for idea generation and idea distillation

Learn about doing search related to your idea and refining it

Learn about creating the pitch for your idea

Get ready for Design Thinking

About this Course

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According to google entrepreneurship is ‘the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.’ I can remember a dialogue from a famous webserise ‘Risk hai toh ishq hai’.

However, when a person has the knowledge, he can succeed with his intelligence.But those who don’t have the knowledge depend on luck. So are you one of those who want to depend on luck, or do you want to take the responsibility to your shoulders? The choice is yours. Entrepreneurship is not something that you could do without a proper understanding. You can build a company but without experience that company will be a risky endeavour, and the chances of failure increase tremendously. So you first have to learn entrepreneurship skills, then open a business.
But how? There are two choices for you. First you can learn by doing the groundwork, and second learn from someone who already has experience. Now it is hard to get someone who will teach you the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, so there is a midway. You can learn from a course. And if you chose the midway then I am happy to announce with years of experience I have designed this course for everyone. Now everybody can learn how to become an entrepreneur.

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Your doubts will be solved on a live chat, as soon as you get a doubt just ping your mentor through the chat option and within 5-10 minutes you will be connected to him to solve your doubts.

Tutedude doesn't believe in the idea of teaching 100 students in 1 class where the student sometimes feels hesitant to ask some doubts and where the other student feels that this student is wasting his time by asking silly doubts. Moreover in this busy world it becomes difficult to attend the classes on a specific schedule. So we combined the benefits and provide you interactive video lectures and live one on one doubt solving to learn at your own pace and comfort.



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