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Dynamic Programming

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  • Course By Abhishek Kumar


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Dynamic Programming for Competitions and Interviews

Master Dynamic Programming for your Coding Interviews and Competitive Programming.
Course By:

Abhishek Kumar


Course By:

Abhishek Kumar

About this course

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This course starts with explaining the need for applying Dynamic Programming, followed by the 2 approaches of Dynamic Programming namely Bottom-Up (Tabulation) and Top-Down (Memoization).

And finally explanation and codes for some of the major Dynamic Programming Problems are given.

Dynamic Programming is an important component of Programming Interviews at Big Software companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, etc. It's also useful for Competitive programming.

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✔3section ✔ 11lectures ✔ 2h 52m total length


  • 1. Introduction

Dynamic Programming-Concepts and Approaches

  • 2. Introduction to Dynamic Programming
  • 3. Dynamic Programming Approaches - Tabulation and Memoization

Dynamic Programming-Problems and Solutions

  • 4. Fibonacci numbers using Dynamic Programming
  • 5. Jumping on the Clouds - Hackerrank
  • 6. Longest Increasing Subsequence
  • 7. 0/1 Knapsack Problem
  • 8. Rod Cutting Problem
  • 9. Ugly Numbers
  • 10. Egg Dropping Puzzle
  • 11. Egg Dropping Puzzle - C++ Code


  • ✔ Dynamic Programming concepts

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Who is this course for

  1. ✔ Programmers, software engineers