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✔12section ✔ 53lectures ✔ 18h 57m total length

  • Introduction
  • Setting up Visual Studio Code

  • Introduction & Skeleton
  • Input/output, Variables & Data types
  • Arithmetic Operators & Precedence
  • Compound Operators, Expressions & Comments
  • Conditionals, If Else & Switch Case
  • Assignment 1

  • Loops - While loops
  • Loops - DoWhile & For loops
  • Arrays
  • Pointers
  • Assignment 2

  • Strings using Char Array
  • Strings using string Class
  • Assignment 3

  • Functions in C++ [1]
  • Functions in C++ [2]
  • Assignment 4

  • Structures in C++
  • OOPs Basics
  • Class & Objects
  • Assignment 5

  • Constructors & Fn Overloading
  • Class Functions
  • Operator Overloading
  • Assignment 6

  • Inheritance - Introduction
  • Inheritance - Access Specifiers
  • Inheritance & Constructors
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Inheritance - Pointers & Fn Overriding
  • Assignment 7

  • Virtual Fns & Runtime Polymorphism
  • Abstract Classes & Interface
  • Friend Fn & Classes
  • Static Data Members
  • Static Fns
  • Nested or Inner Classes
  • Destructors in C++
  • Assignment 8

  • Exception Handling - Introduction
  • Exception Handling - Syntax & Use
  • Exception Handling - Nested try, Multiple Catch
  • Assignment 9

  • Streams - Introduction
  • Streams - Syntax (Using in programs)
  • Assignment 10

  • Template Fns & Classes
  • STL - Why do we need STL?
  • STL - Introduction
  • STL - Using in Programs
  • Assignment 11

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Course Overview

C++ programming starting from basics and going to Advance level.

Loops, conditionals, Arrays 1D and 2D, Functions and Advance topics like pointers in detail.

Linear and Non-linear Data Structures.

Algorithms like Selection Sort and Insertion Sort with visual description of working of these algorithms.

Grip over multiple data structures and algorithms.

Five pillars of OOP programming, Pointers, dynamic memory allocation.

Object Oriented Programming, concepts like Class Object Inheritance Polymorphism Abstraction and Encapsulation.

Non-linear Data Structures like Trees, Binary Search Trees.

Data Structures like Linked lists, stack, Queue, Array, 2D Arrays, BST.

About this Course

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Are you a complete beginner and looking to jump into technical field? Then C++ is language you should start with, very easy to learn will form your base to go ahead into technical field and learn other things. Even said as mother of all other programming languages, it will become very easy for you learn any other language after C++. And yes some people have the misconception that you need to know C before learning C++, nope, there is nothing like that C is the outdated language and one should directly start with C++.
Enough about importance of C++, now let's talk about me, with whom you are going to start your programming journey. Hi I am Mohit Chahal have taught 5000+ students since past 5 years and know a lot about the problems beginners face while putting their first step into programming. You can trust me to the core and we will be enjoying a lot in this journey. And let me tell you, it is one of the best decisions you have made to start with coding.
See you inside this amazing course!

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