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Enroll into your favourite TuteDude’s upskilling courses. Learn by doing interesting curated assignments and projects shared by your mentors from time to time you cover the topics.

How does FeesBack work ?


within 3 months

From the date of enrollment, you will have 3 months time to complete all the lectures, assignments, and dedicated projects shared with you, which will be reviewed by the mentors for feedbacks.

How does FeesBack work ?


within 3 months

get 100% Fees back

You will now be eligible for claiming your 100% of enrollment fees back, provided that you have done all the course activities mentioned in the previous slides well within your time.

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Build major projects which makes your resume stand apart alongwith course completion certifications

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Get liftetime course access on each course that you enroll, and enjoy the benefit of mentoring wheneve you want






34h 37m

total duration



Course Introduction

Android Studio Overview

Formatting Text



Opening Sample Project


Currency Converter App

Hello World


Arrays and Maps

If Statements

Higher or Lower App


Classes And Objects


Fading Animation

Other Animation

Tic Tac Toe App

Audio In App

Controlling Volumes

Audio App

Video In App


Times Table App

Timer in Android

Egg Timer App

Showing Hiding UI Elements

Brain Trainer App

Try Catch

Download Image

Processing Json

Weather App

Maps in App

Customising Map

Getting User Location

Adding Activity In Android App

Showing User Location

Hiker's Watch App

Shared Preference


Alert Dialog Box

Notes App


Advanced SQLite



Device Discovery

Device Detail

Listing Device

Libgdx Setup



Coins And Bombs

Game State

Firebase Auth

Uploading Image

Firebase Database

Deleting Snaps

Login SignUp Page

Following Unfollowing User

Sending Tweets

View Your Feed

Introduction to IntelliJ

String in Kotlin

Math and Comments

If Statement and Boolean

List Array

For Loop





First App in Kotlin

TicTacToe In Kotlin

Kotlin App Firebase

Creating Design In Adobe XD

Importing Design In Android Studio

Android Wear Hello World

Getting Watch Faces

People Counter App

Working With ListViews

Speech Recognizer





Version Control

Picture In Picture (PIP)

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Course Benefits

Build complex apps like swiggy, flipkart with confidence

Build awesome apps along with cool UI/UX

Get a high paying job as an app developer

If you are an entrepreneur this is the right course to build apps of your dreams.

Hear, what others have to say


Saurabh Kumar

Just love the platform. The best thing about Tutedude courses is that they are based on the latest curriculum and they keep on updating the courses for the new users and also for the old users. I have got some very friendly mentors who always support me whenever I’m having doubts related to courses instantly on the platform itself.


Sanjana Borse

I wanted to learn App Development but I was always hesitant because I usually stuck in between learning and because of which I mostly leave the course but after taking an app development course from Tutedude I got to know that learning this skill is not at all difficult when you get the right mentor who can teach you in a fun and exciting way that too from scratch.


Rajas Bramhe

The best part about the app development course is? The mentor also teaches us UI/UX for mobile design which I bet nobody teaches in an App development course and is a skill that will take you in front of other developers. And live-doubt-solving sessions are super flexible, once I pinged my mentor in the middle of the night without checking the time and got an instant reply from my mentor.


Suryansh Advani

I enrolled for all access pack of Tutedude and I must say that all the courses they are offering are just awesome. Have already completed 5 courses, loved the content and mentors in each course, they are very very helpful and gave me the smoothest learning experience, excited for the further courses.

About this course

You will see everyone around you learning webdevelopment but rarely see someone learning App Development and the reason for this is people feel it is difficult to learn but it is not that learning this skill is difficult but finding the right mentor who can teach in a fun and exciting way is difficult. Not that you are at right place, so that problem is solved, Hi, I am your instructor Abhay Maurya having years of experience in building full fledged apps. In our journey we will be learning both the languages which are Java and Kotlin and at the end you will be proficient to make any app on your own. The best part? I will also teach you UI/UX for mobile design which I bet nobody teaches in an App development course and is a skill which will take you in front from other developers.
Excited to build real world apps and create one of yours, so what are you waiting for Enroll now and let's start the beautiful journey to an app developer.

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