Who Are We ?

Tutedude focuses on catering the young creative minds of India. Our aim is to ensure that they get mentored by the best so that they themselves can be the best. To turn this into reality, we have taken up this initiative.The perks are that they would get mentorship by the successful people. This would also help them shorten their failure or struggle curves and reach their goal faster than ever before. We have listed some of the skills we are mentoring on at present.Those who want to learn any skill by experts in their respective field can learn by registering through us.

Our Vision

To make education easily accessible to everyone.
I, Shivam Goyal(undergrad at IIT Delhi), always wanted to do a startup but was always engaged in college activities and was directionless on how to move forward then an idea struck that everyone needs a mentor in his/her life. And then the tutedude started. Even while making the website and app I wished I already had the platform because there was a dire need of mentoring in web development and app development.